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I hate when great movies get overlooked as Buried is one of those great movies that i have never(nor had my friend) heard about before i by mistake noticed it over the internet. Buried really is an intense experience. Buried is quite gripping, terrifying, and frustrating movie, all at the same time. Oh yeah, Did i forget to tell you that everything in this movie take place inside a coffin?

When i read the movie Synopsis i was not really sure that it was going to be a good movie because of our hero being stuck in a box, how much can you really expect to get out of the movie with just that as a plot? Well, Buried starts of with our main character called Ryan. He is trapped in a big coffin that is buried deep beneath the ground, all he has to hes aid him in the darkness is a cell phone and a zippo lighter. After a while Ryan find out he is held hostage by terrorists that are going to demand a ransom for him, with 3 hours worth of air Ryan has to move fast if he ever is going to get out of the coffin.

Rodrigo Cortes who is the director of the movie has made something truly exceptional. from the very beginning of the movie the camera moves between closely claustrophobic and high above, constantly on the move just like Ryan is. The pacing of the movies is just genius as there is never a dull moment as Ryan is trying hes best to get saved, why Chris Sparling has not received a medal for hes writing i can not understand. Chris himself have said that when hes earlier scripts got rejected because they are to pricey he decided to make a cheaper movies that had just one location and one star in it which in the end was Buried.

Furthermore, Rodrigo is doing a wonderful artistic work with the movie as he has so little to work with, as i mentioned before it first is the fact that everything is actually filmed in the cramped space of a coffin. The second is the light, there would obviously be no light in a coffin but Ryan has a few light sources to keep the realism going, what is more interesting is that the light from these things are the only light that they used while filming to make it all authentic. The light source consists of the lighter, a cell phone, a flashlight, and a glow stick, each light has it’s own color to reflect the current mood.

Buried would be a movie i think Hitchcock would be proud of, the funny thing is that Rodrigo Cort├ęs was inspired by Rope to make this movie. Buried is a suspenseful and exciting thriller that forces the viewer to feel claustrophobic at every opportunity. This isn’t just a movie, it’s an exhausting experience that leaves you breathless.

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